Everything You Need to Understand About Legal Translation Abu Dhabi

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Abu Dhabi is one of the most developed cities of UAE economically. With a population of over 1.45 million, it is also known as one of the most populated cities of UAE. Moreover, most of the population residing in Abu Dhabi is people of different nationalities. 

With the ever-going industrial work in the city and the high economic activities, it is no wonder that people from all over the world come to Abu Dhabi for various reasons, both personal and professional. This makes Abu Dhabi a metropolitan city with industrial growth and cultural diversity.

These economic activities of Abu Dhabi and its attraction as a business hub to the international world also play a significant role in the annual income of UAE as Abu Dhabi contributes over 60 percent of the total GDP of UAE. With people of different ethnicities coming to Abu Dhabi every year, the significance of services such as legal translation Abu Dhabi has also increased manifold over the years. 

This is because most of the people coming to Abu Dhabi from other parts of the world are fluent in either English as it is the most commonly spoken language of the world or some other language native to their area, whereas most of the locals of Abu Dhabi are fluent in Arabic only. 

This creates language barriers, especially when foreigners want to set up a business in Abu Dhabi. They face a lot of issues in legal proceedings due to the difference in languages. To bridge these gaps, we have translation services that have their expertise in legal translations so that such tasks can be carried on smoothly and without any hurdles. 

However, with so many legal translation services working in the city, it is important to make the right selection. This is because legal translation, although it may seem simple enough, is a very detailed task that requires both legal and linguistic capabilities by the translator. Moreover, the room to make errors in such tasks is minimal. To make sure you make the right choice when it comes to selecting a legal translation service, we have listed the most important aspects to look at of any legal translation service

Qualities to consider when selecting the services of Legal Translation Abu Dhabi

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  • Reputation and recognition 

An easy and accurate way to find out whether a translation company is worth investing in or not is by performing a background check on it. A good legal translation company, that has been working in the market for long, will be recognized and have a good reputation. Such translation companies will be well experienced and professional in their dealings which will be beneficial for the people investing in it in the long run. 

You can learn about the reputability of a legal translation company by looking them up online, visiting their official website, reading reviews and engaging with their previous customers. Make sure that you conduct proper research before settling on a legal translation company, as investing in unprofessional translation services especially for the translation of legal documents, can have devastating outcomes. 

In Abu Dhabi, there are translation services that deal with all types of translations, such as medical translation, technical translation, etcetera. You need to make sure that the translation company you finally decide on is an expert in legal translation services. 

Moreover, even amongst the legal translation services, you need to get enough information to gather whether that particular translation service has translators capable of translating legal documents similar to the ones you want to get translated. 

  • Staff members 

A good company related to legal translation Abu Dhabi must have a good workforce. After all, it is the translators that determine the quality of translation services they can provide. Therefore it is necessary that you do the background check that is needed to learn about the capabilities of the translators. 

Legal translation is a tricky task. It requires that the translators should not only be an expert in linguistics but should also have sufficient legal knowledge. They should be well aware of all the terms commonly spoken in legal documents that may appear as alien to a normal person and they should also be well equipped with all the resources that a legal translator must have.  

Checklist for qualified translators:

An easy way to determine the caliber of the legal translators in a legal translation service is by making a quick checklist and then making sure that the company you decide on has translators that can fulfill most of the checkmarks, if not all. These include

  • Experience:

The translators should have sufficient past experience in working with legal translations. They should be accustomed to all of the technicalities of legal proceedings. They should be well familiar with the environment of the court, etcetera. 

  • Responsibility:

When it comes to legal translations, there is almost always a deadline. Therefore make sure that your legal translator is able to work on short notices and reliable enough to be trusted with a deadline. It is important that he or she fulfills the tasks in the given time with responsibility and without making any compromise on the quality of the work.

  • Awareness:

It is very important that the legal translators should be resourceful. They need to have the contacts and equipment that is necessary for every legal translator to perform their work accurately. These include legal dictionaries, legal software, databases, previous records, etcetera. 

  • Detail-oriented:

A key quality to consider when selecting a legal translator is their detail orientation. When it comes to legal documents, even a misplaced comma can change the meaning of the entire document. So make sure that you choose a legal translator that is very particular when it comes to details. 

  • Management of time:

When it comes to the task of legal documents, an emergency can always arise. Moreover, the court is very particular about deadlines. Therefore it is important that the company related to legal translation Abu Dhabi you decide on has enough translators and resources to always deliver work on time.