The Importance of Legal Translation Abu Dhabi

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Economically speaking, Abu Dhabi is one of the most progressive cities in the UAE. Not only is it one of the most developed cities, but with a population of approximately 1.45 million, it also enjoys the status of being one of the most highly populated areas of UAE. Due to its high economic status and versatile population, industrial activities are ever going in the city. 

Due to all of these progressive economic activities going around in the city, it should be no surprise that every year millions of people from all over the world come to Abu Dhabi for reasons that are both professional and personal. Most of these people are not necessarily the locals of Abu Dhabi but can also be foreigners coming from other continents even. 

This makes a big chunk of the population of Abu Dhabi foreign and simultaneously also gives it the status of being a culturally diverse and metropolitan city along with being an industrial area. This reputation of being an international hub worldwide which the city of Abu Dhabi enjoys, is of great importance to UAE as well. 

This is because, along with bringing cultural diversity and foreign exchange, over 60 percent of the annual GDP of UAE is contributed by Abu Dhabi alone. With foreign people of different ethnicities coming to Abu Dhabi every year, it is important that there are services such as legal translation Abu Dhabi which makes communication between the locals and foreigners easier and possible. 

The reason why such translation services are so important in cities such as Abu Dhabi is that the local language of this city is Arabic. This means that most of the people native of the area are only fluent in the Arabic language. On the other hand, most of the foreigners coming to UAE are either fluent in English as it is the nationally recognized language worldwide or some other language native to their area. 

Either way, it creates a language barrier between the locals of Abu Dhabi and the foreigners coming here. These communication gaps can prove to be a hurdle in a lot of the economic activities going on here. To avoid these hurdles and bridge the communications gaps, we have legal translation services that can translate content from Arabic to any other language and vice versa and thus solve these language problems and provide effective communication. 

Due to the high demand for legal translation services, over the years, many translation services have started working in Abu Dhabi and not all of them are equally competent. Therefore with so many translation services working in the city, making the right choice can be tricky. 

You need to select a translation service that firstly provides the particular set of services and expertise which you require and secondly should be competent. To help you make the right choice, we have listed the top three qualities that are necessary to consider in every legal translation service. 

Qualities to consider when hiring services such as legal translation Abu Dhabi

legal translation
  • Reputation in the market

The reputation and recognition of any translation company is the first quality that needs to be considered when hiring a legal translation service. You need to invest in a translation service that has been working in the market for long. This is because such translation companies will be cautious of their reputation, if nothing else. They will be experienced in their work and thus deal professionally, which is very important for efficient work.  

An easy way to learn about the reputability of any legal translation service is by performing a background check on it. This includes searching the legal translation service online, visiting their Facebook page, Instagram page or simply their official website. By looking at the company online, you can also read reviews left by their previous customers and get an idea of their dealings with the customers. 

Lastly, by performing a background check on the translation service, you will also get a vague idea about how much expertise they have when it comes to legal translation Abu Dhabi. This is because most of the translation services in Abu Dhabi provide all types of translations. These include medical translations, linguistic translations, etcetera. You need to look for a translation service that is an expert in providing legal translation services particularly.

  • Staff and crew

Any good translation company is recognized by its staff members. Legal translation is a very technical task and requires the translator to have both linguistic and legal capabilities. It is important that the legal translation company you invest in consist of translators that have the ability to translate legal content efficiently and accurately. 

The legal translator translating your work should be well aware of complex terms restricted to legal professionals such as a legislature. He or she should have all the resources that are necessary to accurately translate the legal content. These include legal dictionaries, software, etcetera. They should have past experience both as a working legal translator as well as some experience in the courtroom. 

Another key quality to look for in the staff members of the translation service you hire is responsibility. When it comes to tasks such a legal translation, everything needs to be submitted on a deadline. Moreover, the limited time is never an acceptable excuse for casual errors in the translations read this

Therefore your legal translator should be able to work on deadlines, should be able to handle emergency situations and should never compromise on the quality of work by performing casual errors. This is because even tiny errors can have devastating outcomes when it comes to the translation of legal documents. 

  • Feasibility

When you finally decide on a translation service that provides legal translation Abu Dhabi you need to make sure it is feasible for you. This means you need to consider whether its services and expertise are what you need. Moreover, it should also be feasible in the sense that it should come under your budget. It shouldn’t be too expensive and neither should it be too cheap.