What Are The Advantages Of A Chemical Peel?

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A chemical peel is a restorative cosmetic procedure that may aid in reducing the aging signs on your face.

A dermatologist will focus on applying a chemical solution, particularly to your skin while they carry out a chemical peel Surrey. Damaged skin cells peeled away with the help of this particular solution. Thereby, your skin looks fresh and healthy than before.

This procedure may help, if you are dealing with any skin problems as follows:

  • hyperpigmentation
  • wrinkles
  • acne
  • the uneven texture of the skin

The actual outcomes, however, will be based on several factors, including the severity of your skin problems as well as the kind of peel you receive.

In this blog post, we will have a closer look at the various types and advantages of chemical peel, as well as what to expect during the recovery process.

Various Types Of Chemical Peels

Your dermatologist can work with you to find out whether a deep, medium or light chemical peel Surrey is the best option for your skin as well as the concerns you want to address.

Light Chemical Peel

A light chemical peel, also known as the superficial peel. As evident from its name, it gently exfoliates your skin and just removes the epidermis, which is the topmost layer of your skin.

Typically, a light chemical peel is used for:

  • fine wrinkles
  • acne
  • uneven skin tone
  • dry skin

As this particular treatment makes use of a mild chemical agent and so, you can go for this light chemical peel Surrey every 2 to 5 weeks.

Medium Chemical Peel

A medium chemical peel is somewhat stronger when compared to a light peel. It eliminates the epidermis as well as the top layer of the dermis. This specific layer lies below the epidermis.

Typically, a medium peel is used for:

  • acne scars
  • wrinkles
  • uneven skin tone

In some cases, you may require several treatments to achieve the outcomes that you are looking for.

Deep Chemical Peel

Your epidermis, the top and middle layers of your dermis specifically removed by a deep chemical peel. As it involves the use of very strong chemicals, you may need a local anesthetic before the surgery. This will help in the prevention of pain as well as discomfort.

You can get benefit from this treatment if you are dealing with any of the below-mentioned conditions:

  • deeper scars
  • deeper wrinkles
  • precancerous skin patches

As the results of this deeper chemical peel Surrey might last for ten years. It did once. There will be no need for repeated treatments.

Important Benefits Associated With The Procedure

Chemical peels can help to improve a large number of skin problems. Let’s take a close look at a few of the most prevalent conditions that chemical peels may help to treat.


Acne is a prevalent inflammatory skin condition that affects a lot of people. Often, acne is treated with the help of oral medication or topical products, but Chemical peels are also known to be very effective in treating this condition. 

You need to opt for chemical peels if the severity of the condition is more.

This procedure can effectively:

  • break down comedones which are generally plugged hair follicles
  • reduce the production of oil from the skin
  • kill bacteria
  • decrease inflammation
  • improve the absorption of topical treatments

Chemical peels, both light as well as medium, are generally used for the treatment of acne.

Acne Scars

To repair lesions caused by inflamed skin, the skin produces new collagen fibers with the healing of acne.

The new collagen fibers production can contribute to creating hypertrophic scars, which are raised as well as bumpy, or atrophic scars, which create depressions in your skin.

A chemical peel can aid in the removal of excessive collagen by exfoliating the top layer of the skin. Acne scars are effectively treated with the help of medium chemical peels.


Rosacea is considered to be an inflammatory skin condition that is characterized by redness, swelling, as well as red bumps. Again, acne rosacea is the name given to a condition that causes acne-like outbreaks.

If you are dealing with a similar condition, then you need to go for a chemical peel Surrey treatment. It is proved to be very effective in relieving these symptoms. So, this procedure is recommended for moderate or mild rosacea.

Aging Of Skin

Chemical peels can help to effectively reduce the aging signs which include:

  • fine lines
  • wrinkles
  • age spots
  • roughness
  • uneven skin tone
  • dryness
  • liver spots

The production of collagen, as well as elastin, is triggered whenever the skin grows back after a chemical peel. This can help your skin become more supple and robust, and thereby reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

The new skin that regenerates is also smoother. So, it helps to effectively decrease the dryness as well as the roughness of the skin.

Chemical peels, on the other hand, aren’t suggested for removing deep wrinkles. It also would not tighten sagging skin.  


Chemical peels can again help in the improvement of other forms of hyperpigmentation along with age spots and acne scars like:

  • uneven skin tone
  • freckles
  • melasma
  • scars due to injury
  • surgical scars
  • discoloration that occurred because of sun damage


Chemical peels can be beneficial if you have a dull complexion. This particular treatment allows resurfacing of the new skin which may help your complexion look healthier as well as brighter.

Precancerous Growths

Years of sun exposure can cause actinic keratoses, which are rough skin patches. These are known to be precancerous growths because they have the potential to develop into skin cancer.

These growths can be removed with a deep chemical peel, and thereby lowering your risk of skin cancer.

Final Verdict

A chemical peel is a cosmetic procedure that involves removing the top layer of your skin. Wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, dullness, as well as scarring, can be effectively reduced by this treatment.

It can also aid in the treatment of skin disorders such as rosacea and acne. But it is not able to treat scarring as well as deep wrinkles. It would not tighten loose skin or reverse the damage caused by the sun. Consult your healthcare service provider to find out whether a chemical peel Surrey is the right option for you.