Why Is Laravel Considered A Better Framework Than Symfony

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When you are planning to develop the PHP based web development, then the first choice would be in which framework you should build the website? Luckily in PHP, we are having very powerful frameworks are available like Laravel, Symphony, Yii, Zend, Codeigniter and many more. Each framework having its own pros and cons. You always need to consult with the expert PHP web development company before deciding the framework. In this article, we are going to cover the comparison between Laravel V/S Symfony and understand why Laravel has edge over the Symphony? In other words, being an Best Laravel development company, we recommend Laravel over Symphony due to following reasons:


Symfony has been built keeping the mind of the complex applications while Laravel has been developed to keep in mind from simple to complex applications. That means if your Project scope is complex you should select Symfony but Laravel is also doing a great job for the complex application. So for small to medium application, Symfony will be the workable but not ideal choice, Laravel wins a race here due to this flexibility.

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Learning Laravel is easy compared to Symfony. Laravel community did an excellent job for creating excellent Laravel documentation. On the other side, learning Symphony is a difficult job. This framework is a bit heavy for the less experienced PHP developer. That is one of the reasons why Laravel is more popular than Symfony.

Help and Support

As far help and support concern, Laravel again wins the race. Laravel community did awesome for managing the updates and ongoing support. When you visit the Laravel website, you have excellent support for Laracasts, they created a separate site called ‘Laravel news’ where all information about Laravel’s news, new packages, podcast, newsletter everything available. Symfony is also supporting screencasts and other supportive documents, but Laravel wins the race here due to its diversified documentations and help. 


Both supporting ORM. Laravel has inbuilt ORM called Eloquent while Symphony supports the third party ORM called Doctrine.As far database diversities is concern,Symfony wins the race as it supports more database than Laravel. Laravel supports databases MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Microsoft BI, Redis, and MongoDB, while Symfony supports all database which Laravel supports and in addition it supports NoSQL, CouchDB, DynamoDB, MongoDB, MemcacheDB, GraphDB Membase, Oracle, GemFire, Apache Jackrabbit excluding Redis. Since Symfony has been built by keeping in mind the complex websites so its support diversified solutions and wins the race here.


As far performance is concerned, Laravel wins the race due to less complex structure and less overhead in the framework. Both having a great performance boost up the package, but Laravel wins the race as its support autoloading facility while in Symfony, it’s work fast if it’s used properly.

Extensions and libraries

Both support excellent inbuilt libraries and extensions to extend functionality. Laravel’s support is more diversified. In both cases, make sure to use extensions properly because it may create a performance issue.


Laravel and Symfony both are the best PHP frameworks in their own terms. If you are looking at the more complex website then Symfony will be good choice otherwise Laravel wins the race in most of the area. But the real choice of the framework depends on project complexity, functionality, risks, and other factors. But in general, Laravel has a clear edge over Symphony.