What made Me Call This Site Country Bluegrass Guitar Tabs?

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In my crazy old age, I picked up the guitar again and wanted to find some easy Country / Bluegrass / Blues Guitar music and came across some music sheets with tabs. This was something new to me as in the old days I learned chords and a bit of classical guitar. But I had a couple of music sheets with Bluegrass guitar tabs and wanted to try my hand. I then wanted to find more. Looking for more interesting yet easy music with chords or tabs proved to be a toughie.

Believe me, there is nothing that gets your audience starting to chat among themselves faster than strumming away at ‘Leaving on a Jet Plane’ or finger picking your way through the ‘Streets of USA’. You also don’t want to compete with Mike and have a go at ’Mr Bee Chuck’ even if you did get your mind around the off-tempo rhythm. But this is the kind of sheet music with tabs and chords that I could easily find.

I have to confess I downloaded some of them, but my enthusiasm for my new guitar soon waned. Then, one evening, a friend entertained us with just a few Country, Blues and Bluegrass guitar pieces and everybody came alive, I included. Maybe this is not the popular, professionally produced music that we hear on the radio or at big concerts, but in a casual setting, it is simply wow!

That night he taught me a couple of simple runs and rifts and I started looking for more.

Country music with chords, and occasionally tabs, is reasonably easy to find, but boring if that is all you play. Bluegrass has become my mission. It is simpler and upbeat compared to most other guitar music. Blues is another accessible style for me. Jazz on the other hand, for the time being, and maybe forever, Jazz is out of my league!

When I was a youngster my friends and I learned to play guitar from each other. We shared our record, tapes and sheet music. The chords helped to tell you what to do with your left hand, and we winged the beat, but there was little guidance for our right hands and the sounds we produced with our experiments ranged from junk to pathetic. No wonder we all ended up wearing suits.

This time around, many years later, there is just stunning help available on the web with teachers and online resources everywhere. The problem is that the old and familiar is available freely, but as soon as you want to go beyond the basics, you need to shell out cash …. before you know what you are getting!

Well, I had the time to hunt around for some good, value for money online songs, lyrics, and guitar lessons. I wasted some money on false advertising or products that I just could not get to grips with. But through the searches, I found some very useful resource…. As the saying goes, you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince.

So for the young and old that search the web in order to learn or improve their guitar skills online, I will share what I found to be good. I am also tempted to trash what I thought to be bad….but that would be bad taste and I might get into trouble.

Here are some sites that I found with useful free training, music sheets. etc., including some Blues, Bluegrass, and Country music chords and tabs.