The Basics of Web Design

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When you start to make a website it is vital you include some core elements. It can be very easy to get caught up in what theme and style to choose, however you can miss some important features that will make the experience of visiting your website pleasurable for your traffic. It is also to add in some SEO features very early on to help your site become successful in the search engine results pages. If you have any problems implementing any of the following guidelines contact web design Manchester to help you out.

Contrast and Colouring

Your traffic wants to be able to read what you have added to your site. Therefore it is important to use colors that don’t clash or cause the eyes any discomfort. If you have a background with various colors choose a colored font that works on all the various colours and patterns. It is often better to stick to one background color and another colour for the font. Be consistent throughout your whole website to help form some kind of unity beyond the content. Remember if you can’t see the words your traffic can’t either so play around with colours that are easy on the eye.

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Navigation Around Your Site

Your traffic needs to be able to navigate from one page to another with ease. Make sure your menu is easy to understand and use a call to action buttons in the most appropriate places. You can hide certain pages from the main menu, such as your terms and conditions or examples of your work, just make sure the basics are there. Include the home page, about you, pages such as service information and products and of course don’t forget your contact page. It is also a great idea to have a menu tab for your blog too.

You should use breadcrumbs as an alternative way of traffic finding their way from A to B. Breadcrumbs are like a second navigation method, often placed in the footer of websites. These are useful in SEO too. Another important navigation method is to ensure that the logo on your site is clickable and will automatically take you back to the homepage.

Images and Copyright on Websites

Adding images to websites help to make the whole site look appealing. You can say a lot with images, but without correct descriptions and alternative texts, search engines won’t be able to use them. Always fill in the alt text section at the very least. If you use images to be sure that you source the creator if the image unless you made it yourself. You can purchase images from image stock sites too, the amounts vary and so do the terms and conditions so be sure to do your homework first this contact form.