The 3 Most Health and Fitness Questions

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Here are 3 questions we often get asked at Roxfire Personal training fort Lauderdale:

How do I lose weight quickly?

At Roxfire Personal training fort Lauderdale we believe in giving nutritional programs that are sustainable in the long term. We don’t generally count calories and we encourage our clients to measure body fat and dress sizes as well as just scale weight.

Best Personal Trainers near Me helped many people lose 1-2 clothes sizes in just 6 weeks through nutrition, exercise, motivation & lifestyle. Our top tips to lose fat and drop clothes sizes quickly are:

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  1. Do a detox – cut out bread, potatoes, rice, alcohol and all processed foods and sweets for a period of time. This will allow your body to become balanced hormonally and drop a great deal of stored fat and toxins. Then you can start introducing small amounts of the foods you cut out and monitor their effect on your energy and body fat levels.
  2. Get properly hydrated – many times when we feel hungry we are in fact just thirsty. Every cell in your body will work more efficiently if you drink enough water so drink 2-3 litres per day and the fat will start to shift fast.
  3. Ditch the long slow cardio sessions – The “fat burning zone” is a myth. Just go into your gym tomorrow and watch everyone on the steppers, bikes or treadmills that are glued the TV’s. These people rarely break into a sweat and mostly look bored to death. We guarantee that 90% of them look exactly the same or bigger than they did when they joined the gym years earlier. Switch to interval sessions (bursts of high effort followed by slow recovery) and watch the fat fall off.
  4. Start lifting weights. Contrary to popular belief amongst many women – you will not turn into Arnie overnight by lifting dumbbells. For a woman to look this way she’d have to spend hours in the gym and take a truck load of steroids. Remember 1lb of muscle is the size of a strawberry and burns around 50cals per day. 1lb of fat looks like 2 blocks of lard and burns just 1-2 cals per day. Which would you rather have on your hips?

How do I tone up my bum and hips?

We now know that women who store body fat around their bums and thighs are generally oestrogen dominant (this is usually caused by high oestrogen to progesterone ratio).

To combat this:

  • Perform daily exercise
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Eat organic foods. Eliminate processed foods and alcohol, and drink filtered water.
  • Try some lunges. Lunges are a great exercise that can be performed in lots of fun and challenging ways.
  • Take oestrogen detoxifying supplements – This is essential to rid your body of damaging excessive estrogens. We a couple of supplements specifically for this and have helped many women achieve phenomenal results.

How do I get a flat stomach?

An imbalance in the stress hormone (cortisol) can cause fat accumulation around the waist (in conjunction with the wrong food choices). To eliminate stomach fat:

  1. Reduce stress levels – try relaxing activities such a yoga, meditation, or massage.
  2. Get some sleep – if you don’t sleep you won’t get a flat stomach! Cortisol should be low in the evening allowing our bodies to fall into a restful regenerative state.
  3. Sit ups aren’t king. If you do a million sit ups a day but don’t eat right you will never see your abs. Sit ups have their place but try bodyweight exercises such as press ups, pull ups, squats and lunges.
  4. Eliminate sugar and processed foods – sugary foods cause a rise in the fat storage hormone. They also cause a subsequent rise in cortisol. Increase your consumption of proteins, veggies and healthy fats and you’ll be able to see your abs in no time.