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A roof that leaks can open up to a host of variety of other problems. Even a small leak can soon turn into a big one requiring the entire ceiling to be replaced. If a leaky roof is repaired in a timely manner then other more costly repairs can be avoided. Roof leaks are usually caused by damage that includes cracked, missing or otherwise Damaged Shingles. Although, faults in the flashing around chimneys, vent, fans and skylights are also common causes.

Roof leaks need to be addressed right away. Getting a Roof Inspection is the first step towards determining the severity of the problem. Find out how to hire the right Leak No More’s York Roofing Contractor.


The first sign of a roof leak (or rather a roof that is about to leak) are discolored brownish patches on the ceiling. If action is not taken at this point the entire framing system may begin to rot. If neglected minor expenses can turn into a costly extensive repair. It is important not to delay if a leak has been detected. This is because the roof leak can cause damage to the walls, floors, ceilings and otherwise anything contained within the roof that is leaking.

Roof Leak Repair Service

Exposure to the elements often causes the deterioration of caulking and as a result it becomes dry. Caulking is the compound used to seal various parts of the roof-top. The ultraviolet rays of the sun are also a negative contributing factor. When the caulking dries out it eventually begins to crack and seal it was originally protecting – opening up small places for holes to seep in. These types of roof leaks can be easily fixed if caught early.