Reasons to Consider Moving to Midway Park, North Carolina

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When you are considering buying one of the Midway Park NC homes for sale, you might be wondering why this is a good place to settle in the first place. If you are open-minded, though, you can quickly discover why this is such a great place to consider moving. Below, the people from Homes by Kelli have given us 5 reasons to consider moving to Midway Park. 

1. Affordable Housing

Being home to about 6,000 people, this is a small town where it is easy to find property and affordable housing. If you want to stay away from the high prices in the big city, then this might be the best place for you to live. As we will describe below, the location isn’t necessarily a problem, either!

2. Close Proximity to the Big City

Located right nearby Jacksonville, moving to Midway Park won’t necessarily involve being away from it all. If you need to visit the big city to buy things for your home, access cheaper grocery prices, and so on, you can still do this easily! This is a small town that is located only 15 minutes away from Jacksonville.

3. Short Drive Away to the Beach

When it’s a hot summer day, you will probably want to go out and have some fun. Being located right on the East Coast, North Carolina is known for having some great beaches to check out. If you want to visit the beach, you will only have to drive about 30 minutes from your home in Midway Park to the coast.

4. Less than an hour from the Airport

If you travel often, having an airport nearby is important. With Albert J Ellis Airport being only 30 minutes away from Midway Park, it won’t be a hassle for you when you need to drive to and back from the airport. If you have relatives that will come visit you, picking them up from the airport will be a minimal burden for you if they fly into this airport.

5. Close to Camp Lejeune

Many of the people searching for Midway Park NC homes for sale will come here because of a military relocation. If you are a US Marine and need a home close to Camp Lejeune, then Midway Park is one of the best cities to live in. Located 30 minutes away from Camp Lejeune, you are right in the middle of various points of interest like this and the other places listed above.

Want to Buy a Home in North Carolina?

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