Make sure your Driving Instructor is legal!

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Many people think being a Driving Instructor is an easy job, all they do is sit in the car giving directions all day. Teaching somebody to pass the driving test takes a great deal of patience and a lot of awareness. When you have finished for the day – you are not physically tired, but mentally tired.

It is illegal to take money from pupils for the giving of driving instruction unless the driving instructor is registered with the DSA.

To become registered your driving instructor must first have passed a police check. They have then to pass a Theory and Hazard Perception Test followed by an Advanced Driving Test.

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Once they have passed the Advanced driving test they can choose to take 40 hours training and go on to a Trainee Licence. This allows them to gain experience for the Final Exam.

Your driving instructor must display his license to instruct in the window of the driving school vehicle. If the license is green – then the driving instructor is fully qualified. If the license is pink – then the instructor is a Trainee. You should check the license in the window, make sure it has not expired and the photograph matches that of your driving instructor.

If you pay somebody to teach you to drive that is not a registered driving instructor – you are not insured to drive the vehicle. It is only registered driving instructors that can get insurance to teach people to driving lessons gold coast.

Don’t worry if your driving instructor is on a trainee licence – they will have undergone a lot of training to get the licence and as a result they will be more up to date than perhaps an instructor that has been teaching for 20 years.