How to Make Protein Waters?

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How to make protein waters is a question that might be abandoning you from making a protein water for yourself. Like every other work, making of protein waters also need specific skills which cannot be ignored if you are taking them seriously and don’t want to waste your time in making such shakes which are not efficient enough. There are hundreds of protein water recipes which particularly fall in two broad categories. Protein waters made by manufacturer’s also known as ready made protein powders and protein waters made from natural foods like egg. In this guide you will learn how to make protein waters from ready made protein waters and if you are interested in a delicious clear liquid protein recipe than you must try some homemade protein waters without protein powder made by natural ingredients. Some of the ingredients which are always a part of protein waters are proteins, some liquid just like milk and carbohydrates.

clear liquid protein
clear liquid protein

There are many brands from where you can choose which protein water you can use in your protein waters. As the basic component of protein waters is protein therefore be sure the brand which you choose has the quantity of protein you need and also the quality you prefer. Mostly none other than yourself can choose which brand you might need because you know which brand has helped you the most. But always remember that choose some known brand which has public admiration and also many people around you are using it as this might help you in understanding what brand your body needs. Make sure you never try those brands which are penalized by others of not delivering any improvements.

Once you have decided the brand you want bring it and probably it would be a whey protein water which is available in different flavors. Around 2-3 scoops will provide you 25-50 grams of protein. You can use more or less number of scoops as per your body requirement.

Before going ahead please make sure every product you are using is fresh and check if it has expired or not. Never use those products that have expired and specially if you are using milk than make sure it is fresh .Now you have to mix the protein powder scoops with milk, milk could be skimmed milk, full cream or low fat milk.

Once you have added protein in your milk now it’s time to give some extra flavor to your shake as most of the people don’t enjoy drinking milk. Therefore many people use different berries in their drinks. Many people prefer other fruits like avocados, mango, pineapple and banana. Bananas are also a source of carbohydrates. There are people who want to increase level of fats in their shake therefore they add a little coconut, almond oil, pistachios, olive oil and walnuts. Fats from butter, Bacon and peanut butter are not recommended and should be avoided while preparing a shake.

Once you have added all the ingredients turn on the blender and blend it away. By every passing day you will be able to make a much better protein water.