How to Get Ready For Your New Baby on a Budget

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It can be tempting to go overboard when you are expecting a baby as there are so many childrens clothes sale, toys and accessories available to buy. However in reality newborns don’t really need a lot in their first few weeks at home, so if you are on a budget you can just concentrate on buying quality basics.

childrens clothes sale
childrens clothes sale

Many of the gadgets and accessories available for babies do make parents lives easier, but they are not really essential. Your baby will be just as happy and content with those basic items they really need.

Childrens clothes sale Think about the time of year your baby will be born. This will help you judge whether you need summer or winter weight clothing. If the weather is cold then you will need one or two newborn hats, as babies can lose a lot of heat from their heads. Socks are also important for warmth so choose around 6 pairs of good quality newborn socks. You will also need at least five rompers suits, or up to 10 if you don’t want to spend a lot of time doing laundry. Choose at least 5 baby sleepsuits or comfortable newborn nightgowns. This is really all you need in terms of childrens clothes sale for newborn babies, but you can have fun choosing soft, snugly materials and also fun patterns if your budget allows.

Baby Bedding You will need a specialist baby crib, cradle or traditional bassinet. Make sure you have at least three fitted sheets. You will also need around 5 lightweight blankets for summer and one or two heavier blankets for colder climates. Newborn babies do not require pillows and avoid overcrowding the crib with lots of stuffed toys.

Baby Feeding If you are breastfeeding then it will be much more comfortable for you and your baby if you purchase a proper breast feeding pillow. If you are bottle feeding then you will need around 6 baby bottles. You will also need at least 10 burp cloths for putting over your shoulder whilst you are burping your baby.

Diapers and Bath Time Newborns can go through 10 diapers a day so if you are going to use cloth diapers then you need enough to last at least two days at a time. Stock up on disposable diapers when you see them on sale and make sure you have supplies to last you until the next shopping trip. You will use around 1 small pack of disposable wipes or 10 cloth wipes per day, so stock up on these items too. A waterproof pad for diaper changes is essential. For bath time you will need around 4 baby cloths, a bottle of gentle newborn baby wash and some special baby nail clippers. A digital thermometer will help you ensure the water is at the right temperature. Baby baths are also a safe and easy way to carry out bath time. If your budget is tight then just buy some soft small towels. If you have a bit more money you could opt for the slightly more expensive hooded baby towels.