Baptism Baby Girl Dress – How to Find the Perfect Baptism Dress for Your Little Angel

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A Baptism dress is the perfect gown for a small girl who is being accepted in the Christian Church. Today, besides the standard dress styles, there are many options available to stand out from the standard christening dress.

Baptism is one of the most vital and sacred events for a Christian family. This is the time when a baby’s arrival into the world is acknowledged and celebrated by the entire Church. The baby is given godparents who entrusted by her parents to aide in raising the small girl into a gorgeous Christian woman. This is truly a celebration and signifies a very vital time in the baby’s life and therefore a baptism baby girl dresses is also very vital.

Baptism dress

As a parent you know your baby will have a christening, but choosing a baptism dress for her can be a daunting challenge. There are 5 major types of baptism dresses: heirloom dresses, customized dresses, Irish dresses, colorful dresses and shantung dresses. All of these dresses have their advantages and disadvantages.

Traditionally a baptism dress is white. But this is certainly always the case. There are many types of gorgeous gowns out there that are not plain white. I made a quick list of alternatives to the plain vanilla baptism dress.

  1. A heirloom dress is a traditional baptism dress. It can either be an authentic antique dress or look like one. The gown is very intricately detailed with lace, eyelets and embroidered. If the dress is indeed an heirloom then it must be made very well and can stand up to time.
  2. A customized baby girl dress can either be a full job or add customization to some aspect of the baptism dress. Many stores, both locally and the internet allow you to add a touch of individuality for not a whole lot more.
  3. An Irish dress is a very traditional baptism dress which is decorated with clovers and shamrocks. These dresses are very traditional and used because the shamrock signified unity for St. Patrick.
  4. Colorful dresses are a modern type of gown used for baby’s christening. But there is still tradition with these untraditional dresses. For a baptism many times these dresses have lace decorated on the sides and will often adorn a light colored blue ribbon.
  5. Shantung dresses are made by weaving fibers or silk and the fabric is ribbed. A baptism dress looks fantastic if it decorated with sequins or embroidery.


Whatever baptism baby dresses you choose for your small girl, you as the parent must consider what style meets the needs of you and your child. The most vital thing to take into account is the type of church you attend and what type of ceremony they perform. Some churches are stricter than others so it is best to question before setting out and purchasing the christening dress.