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SEO Los Angeles – SEO has a lot of secrets that even the best marketers in the industry would not know. The advanced users keep themselves updated with the latest SEO trends in Los Angeles, but there are endless things about SEO. We’ve compiled some important SEO facts that can help you move ahead in the right direction to make your website rank higher and pull the attention of the targeted users:

75% of SEO Is Off-page

Some professionals Los Angeles SEO make the mistake of putting in all their efforts for on-page SEO. The fact is that only 25% of traffic comes from on-page SEO and 75% from off-page SEO. It is important to spend more efforts for off-page SEO. Create content that offers some valuable information to the clients. Write your content for the users as well as the search engines to rank higher.

Los Angeles SEO
Los Angeles SEO

Persuasive Meta Descriptions

Do not make the mistake of avoiding Meta descriptions in your website content. Meta titles and descriptions play a major role in the success of your SEO campaign. Focus on writing an attention-grabbing and tempting Meta description under 155 characters for all the pages on your website. This will increase the clicks on your website. How would you know whether the Meta description is effective or not? You can seek assistance from experienced SEO Company in Los Angeles to help you with the description.

The Top 5 Results Get 80% of the Clicks

Did you know that it’s crucial to appear in the top 5 searches in Google to increase the chances of click-rate? Focus on writing valuable words and content around the relevant keywords that can help you rank in the top 5 positions of search engines. Most of the users prefer to click the links that appear in the first page of the search engine. Hence, understand what your users want and focus your efforts in the right direction.

70% of Users Do Not Go Beyond 2nd Page of Search Results

When a user searches for something with relevant keywords, he/she prefers to click on the first and second page of search results only. One does not prefer to go beyond 2nd page of searches. The users try to locate the things they are looking for within the results found in the first and second pages only. If you want to make your website rank in the first pages of Google, it’s important to hire reliable SEO company Los Angeles to increase your visibility.

Web Cures can improve your SEO as it is backed up by a team of expert SEO professionals who have years of experience in the industry. The company maintains complete transparency with the clients and this is something that makes Web Cures a trusted choice of several small and big businesses all over the world. Remember that SEO is no magic, but putting in the right efforts in the correct direction can help you reap its benefits and make your business grow.

There are many surprising facts about SEO that even the experts would not know. One should keep an eye on the latest industry and market trends to rank higher and grab the attention of the targeted users also. Hire the best SEO in Los Angeles that can help you achieve your business goals.

Web Cures is a trustworthy and reputed SEO agency that helps businesses of all the shapes and sizes excel. The company is known for delivering exceptional solutions to the clients worldwide.

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